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Follow these steps to receive 5% seniors discount
We're always looking to improve and thanks to customer feedback we're excited to announce that we've extended our 5% seniors discount to online customers.
To ensure you are eligible and automatically receive your discount at the checkout each time, please follow the below steps - 
Please provide your full name, Shareholder or Co-op 100 member number (if you have one) and verification of your NSW Govt seniors discount card by - 
  1. Emailing a photo of your card to
  2. Texting a photo of your card to 0400 009 641
  3. Presenting your card at the Hastings Co-op Corporate Centre at Level 1, 9-13 High Street, Wauchope.
Once we've received verification we will update our system so the next time you shop with us you will automatically receive the 5% discount.
*Excludes sale items. Check out weekly catalogues at